• How to match the most beautiful prints and patterns in autumn

    2020-02-20 发表

    If the weather turns cold, don't be a girl who only wears basic clothes. Mix and match fabrics with different prints! To dress up in a variety of interesting shapes, try mixing different fabrics and textures. Pair a thick sweater with a flowing skirt, with a sequin skirt inside - the most important is layering. &No need to wear too many prints. Choose a monochrome garment to make accessories more dazzling. Striking ankle boots and super large handbags are the finishing touches of dragon painting. To create a minimalist but still fun style, choose black and white. Different styles of stripes will form

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  • 2020 trend strong suit

    2020-02-20 发表

    Autumn and winter women's suit is simple and generous. A complete set of solid color formal clothes, the heat will not be reduced for ten thousand years. Above the material, suit fabric is still the main choice of the brand, followed by velvet, pajama satin and denim fabric, while wool and cashmere are slightly thicker. The overall color is a complete set of black, camel, rice, crimson, dark blue and other classic solid colors, or a large area of stripes, checks or patterns. In addition to herm è s, céline and Bottega Veneta, Saint Laurent, Alexander McQueen and Lanvin

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  • Colorful: the most beautiful knitwear in autumn

    2020-02-20 发表

    Beautiful sweaters are back on the fashion stage. Red, blue, pink, green, all kinds of color contrast, knitted sweater is the necessary fashion in autumn, this autumn more than ever. We brought the most beautiful knitwear, including the most adorable pieces in Erdem x H & M series, to Barcelona, and invited models IANA and Julita to show the style of these knitwear. After all, flowers are more beautiful than summer. Warm knitted Mohair is made of Angora goat hair (it can't be confused with Angora wool, because the latter is a completely different product), soft and comfortable, with silk

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    2020-04-16 发表

    After careful consideration, we’ve decided to close down all of our flagship stores beginning tomorrow, March 16, to ensure the well-being of both our staff and our community. We do not have a re-open

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  • 别致酷美的珍珠配饰

    2020-02-20 发表

    别致酷美的珍珠配饰珍珠再一次得到了时尚界的青睐。 不过这一次却是极简别致的风格。珍珠迅速成为了本季T台亮点。 这个潮流不会迅速堙没——时尚界最具影响力的设计师们也表示,他们对珍珠首饰和配饰非常感兴趣,希望用于下一季时装的设计。不过不要急着去找到祖母那些沉甸甸的珍珠项链:本季最美的珍珠首饰是淡雅、极简和酷美的女孩风格

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